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To use a custom image (like a company logo) in your label design, click the “Choose File” button below and select the desired image file.

The best choices are scalable image formats, like .SVG image files. You can also use other common formats, like .JPG, or .PNG image files. High-resolution (300 dpi) images will work best; low-resolution images often look jagged or blocky when printed. If you’re not sure that your images will work well, call us at 1.888.326.9244.

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By checking the box below, you are confirming that you are the creator of the label design. This means that you are responsible (and Graphic Products is not responsible) for the sign's compliance with any applicable design standards or content requirements. You are also confirming that the design does not include any copyrighted or trademarked material without appropriate permission.

Graphic Products is not responsible for any violations of copyright or similar laws, any failures to meet specific requirements or recommendations, or any other undesired effects that may result from the printing or use of this design.