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DuraLabel Lobo



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DuraLabel Lobo is a versatile, grab'n go thermal transfer label printer that provides high performance and plug-and-play functionality. Anyone from a safety manager to a classroom teacher will appreciate its ease of use and high performance features.

Lobo's 12" square footprint lets users print labels from a desk, countertop or even in a vehicle. Unlike most thermal transfer label printers on the market, Lobo doesn't require network connectivity, online connection or even a power cord.

Lobo uses integrated cartridges that contain the label stock and the ribbon; simply load a cartridge and you'll be printing in seconds. A lithium-ion battery increases the portability of Lobo, allowing you to use it in the field for days at a time without a charge.

DuraLabel Lobo features:

  • All-in-one design

  • Lightweight (only 5 pounds)

  • Prints at 203 dpi resolution

  • Creates labels from 1/2" - 2"

  • Built-in library of over 1,200 symbols and graphics

  • Barcode capability

  • Sequencing capability for label series



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