BoldGlo Phosphorescent Tape - 8 hour life

BoldGlo Phosphorescent Tape


Maintain dependable luminescence for up to eight hours after the lights go out

  • Use for indoor emergency signage, egress marking, pathways, door frames, and more
  • Ensure dependability with a pressure-sensitive adhesive that resists common chemicals
  • Meet or exceed eight common standards for luminescence

Ensure your employees stay safe in power outages and other low-light conditions with BoldGlo Phosphorescent Tape. The durable tape retains luminescence for up to eight hours in the dark and is ideal for emergency signage, egress marking, pathways, door frames, and other indoor needs.

BoldGlo Phosphorescent Tape resists common chemicals and is backed with a permanent acrylic and pressure-sensitive adhesive.

BoldGlo Phosphorescent Tape meets or exceeds eight common standards for luminescence, including:

  • UL 1994: Standard for Luminous Egress Path Marking Systems
  • ASTM 2072: Standard Specification for Photoluminescent Safety Markings
  • ISO 15370: Standard for Ships and Marine Technology



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