Fluorescent HiViz Tape with ECR Ribbon

Fluorescent HiViz Tape with ECR Ribbon

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Grab attention with bright fluorescent labels and signs

  • Short-term, indoor use only

  • Resistant to: mild acids, mold, salt

  • Low profile tape

Signs and labels will command attention when printed on this brightly colored tape. DuraLabel Fluorescent Tapes come in a variety of "day-glow" colors and are designed for short-term, indoor high-visibility applications.

This low-profile tape features pigmented acrylic coloring for bright, attention-getting labels and signs. Durable adhesive backing provides easy-to-apply, pressure-sensitive application. Resistant to mild acids, mold, and salt.

Cartridge includes both supply and DuraLabel Extreme Chemical Resistant Ribbon, our most abrasion-resistant ribbon. Print thermal transfer text and graphics that won?t smudge or scratch, even when placed in harsh environments. Resistant to alcohol, oil, mineral spirits, hydraulic fluid, lubricating oil, and 5% salt water.

Ribbon color listed first followed by vinyl color. For instance ?Black on White? prints black onto white supply.

Negative/Reversed printing is not recommended on 1" or smaller tapes sizes.



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