cryogenic labels for temperatures of -320F to 248F

Cryogenic Labels

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Reliably identify storage exposed to cryogenic temperatures

  • Resistant to: liquid/vapor phase liquid nitrogen, dry ice deep freezes, autoclaving & more
  • For temperatures of -320°F to 248°F

Most labels can’t handle the stress of cryogenic temperatures. Adhesion and printed identifications on standard labels are prone to failure during the cryogenic process. Rely on a label that’s made to survive the deep freezing process.

DuraLabel Cryogenic Labels are engineered to provide lasting performance in temperatures down to -320°F and up to 248°F. Withstands liquid and vapor phase liquid nitrogen, dry ice deep freezes, boiling water autoclaving and gamma irradiation.

Ideal for long term specimen storage on vials, tubes, slides and many other containers used in cryogenic freezing.



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