low-halogen label tape

Low-Halogen Label Tape

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Protect stainless steel pipes from corrosive labeling

  • Adhesive contains low levels of halogen to help protect stainless steel alloys from corrosive damage
  • Low profile polyester

Halogens in many adhesive labels are known to be corrosive to stainless steel. DuraLabel Low-Halogen Label Tapes are engineered with low levels of halogen to help protect this alloy from corrosive damage.

Fluorine, Chlorine, Bromine and Iodine are chemical compounds found in halogen and they’re common ingredients in label adhesives. When placed on stainless steel for extended periods, these compounds penetrate stainless steel, encouraging corrosion.

Protect your pipes from corrosive adhesives by using a label made with low levels of halogen adhesive, so metal surfaces offer longer life and perform reliably. Low-Halogen Label Tapes are a low-profile polyester – perfect for lasting performance on stainless steel pipes. For use on smooth surfaces only.



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