High-Strength Zip Tag Stock

High-Strength Zip Tag Stock

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Convey important messages in tough environments

  • Ideal for conduit, small diameter (down to 0.5”) tube labeling, and bundling cables or wires.
  • Resists tears and provides high pull strength
  • Available in vibrant, easy-to-read white and yellow
  • Can be customized to fit a variety of needs
  • Easy to apply and remove

Convey key messages that withstand tough environments with High-Strength Zip Tag Stock. The durable tag stock, ideal for conduit, small diameter tube labeling, and bundling cables and wires, is made from a waterproof polyolefin sheet that stands up to most chemicals, resists tearing, and provides a high pull strength. It can be used indoors and outdoors in settings between -70°F and 200°F.

Available in bright, easy-to-read yellow or white, the blank tags can be customized to fit a variety of needs and convey the messages that matter to your facility.

The durable stock, which measures 3" x 1", is compatible with DuraLabel Toro, Bronco, and PRO/PRO 300 industrial label and sign printers by Graphic Products.



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