flame-retardant shrink tubing


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Give wires and cables a professional-grade label

  • Meets UL, CSA, & military requirements

  • Ideal for wires & cables

  • Flame retardant

  • 3:1 shrink ratio

DuraLabel Shrink Tubing is one of the toughest and most efficient supplies available for custom labeling wire and cable. Comes in a variety of colors to help you organize and label your wire and cable more efficiently. Use in server rooms or anywhere that cables and wires suffer from disorganization but need to be identified in a hurry.

Just print onto the supply, fit over the wires or cables, and use a heat source (such as a hair dryer or heat gun) to shrink. When picking size, note that it has a 3:1 shrink ratio, so choose a size up to 3 times the width of the wires or cables you're labeling.

Its highly flexible construction offers lasting attachment around bending, twisting and variable temperature strands. Shrink tubing also makes an ideal canvas for displaying custom printed text or graphics on wires and cables. Meets UL, CSA, and military requirements and is flame-retardant.

Use to color-code individual strands or to group multiple strands. Protects wires and cables at connector ends and supports common loads at connector transitions.

.5" and .75" require manual cutting.



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