Flex Floor Marking Tape

FLEX™ Aisle Marking Tape


Developed to withstand heavy foot traffic, Flex tapes provide a durable solution for 5S, organization, safety communication and work flow. Flexible enough to be applied to uneven surfaces Flex’s textured surface provides an anti-slip surface for foot traffic safety. This tape is ideal for color coding, aisle, hazard and boundary and organizational marking. For use with heavy foot traffic and light vehicle traffic.


  • Polycarbonate Textured Surface: the textured surface provides an anti-slip surface.

  • Flexible Construction: this floor tape is suited for uneven surfaces.

  • Heavy Duty: resistant to water and most chemicals.

  • Easy to Install: our easy-to-peel liners and quick curing adhesive make installation a snap.

  • Removes Cleanly: the rubber based adhesive removes easily and cleanly with minimal to no residue.


  • Thickness: 21 mil

  • Min Application Temperature: 40°F

  • Service Temperature Range40°F to 200°F

  • Shelf Life (Unused): 1 Year

  • Warranty: 1 Year Limited Warranty


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