PathFinder Floor Tape Applicator

Heavy-Duty Floor Tape Applicator


Save time and get the job done right

  • Ensure smooth application in warehouses, stockrooms, and more
  • Apply floor tape as quickly as you can walk
  • Change out rolls in less than a minute
  • Guarantee an effective adhesive bond with a heavy-duty roller system for added pressure

Create effective forklift lanes and pathways, and improve facility wayfinding by applying PathFinder floor tape (2" to 4" widths) with the new PathFinder Floor Tape Applicator.< /P>

The applicator saves time by removing your tape?s backing as it unrolls, and the heavy-duty roller system presses tape into place to ensure an effective, long-lasting bond in warehouses, stockrooms, and anywhere wayfinding is needed.

The applicator is compatible with the following PathFinder tapes: Rigid, Flex, Lite, Lite Laminated, Standard Non-Abrasive Tread, Extra Coarse Tread, Non-Abrasive Coarse Resilient Tread, Coarse Tread, Conformable Tread, Standard Tread, Tread Glow, and Glow Tape. (2" to 4" widths only)

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