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Ultraviolet Feltip Paint Marker



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The Nissen Ultraviolet Feltip Paint Marker dispenses a fast-drying, clear paint for permanent marking, lettering, coding and numbering of both interior and exterior surfaces. This marker produces a mark invisible under normal light, but glows brightly when illuminated with a UV or black light. Part number 30200. Product can only be shipped within the United States. Marks on metal, plastic, glass, wood, cardboard, leather, textiles, etc. Writes on any surface: porous or non-porous, rough or smooth, wet, oily or dry Ideal for discreet quality control marking and marks will not bleed through top coats Marks are permanent: they won t chip, peel, fade or rub off Cured marks will withstand temperatures in excess of 400 °F/200 °C



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