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Miller™ Vi-Go Automatic Pass-Through Cable Sleeve



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For continuous fall protection when climbing fixed ladders. Lower cost of ownership with do-it-yourself kits for easy installation and inspection- no costly annual manufacturer inspections. Option to cut cable lengths on site for greater versatility. Accommodates up to 4 workers at a time. Cable sleeve, sold separately, is designed to follow user along lifeline while ascending or descending, instantly locking in the event of a fall. Kit includes top bracket assembly with shock absorber, bottom bracket assembly with lifeline tensioner, 3/8 galvanized steel cable lifeline, all necessary hardware, automatic pass-through intermediate cable guides when applicable and instruction manual. Automatic pass-through systems feature: Uninterrupted fall protection with cable sleeve that automatically bypasses intermediate cable guides, keeping both hands free for climbing Easy, one-hand operation for attachment/detachment from system Cable guides secure lifeline, prevent cable wear and enable system to accommodate curves Durable, corrosion-resistant aluminum and stainless steel components Attachment mechanism engineered to prevent incorrect installation Cable sleeve integrated shock-absorbing element provides dual shock-absorbing system to further reduce fall forces and protects system and ladder from damage; once a fall occurs, the deployed shock absorber indicates unit must be removed from service Accommodates 5/16" or 3/8" cable



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