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Miller™ Stopfall Fall Restraint Device



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Created for linemen by linemen to make pole climbing as safe, comfortable and convenient as possible, eliminating room for error and increasing safety. Provides a straightforward solution allowing workers to climb naturally and instinctively. Designed to easily and naturally climb (hitchhike) wood poles in a position that s both comfortable and ergonomically accepted. Unique spring-loaded cinching feature keeps unit in constant contact around the pole. Minimal points of adjustment make worker training quick and easy. Easy-to-use and adjust when hitchhiking wood poles. 100% Inspection. Accommodates wood poles ranging from 20 €-60 circumference. Unique gaffs provide excellent stopping power on dry, wet or icy poles. Attached gaff pullers are easy to grasp, even when wearing heavy-duty lineman s gloves. Zippered spring cover allows for convenient 100% inspection and easy access to clean the spring components. One-handed adjustment of cam buckle on inner security strap easily adjusts to fit poles from 20 €-60 circumference. Compact, heavy-duty strap keeps worker closer to pole to facilitate arm's length work.



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