20-gallon spill kits
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20-Gallon Spill Kits

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Spills happen. SpillArrest kits give you the ability to respond immediately and contain a spill or leak before the damage can spread. It includes a variety of products to absorb, contain, and properly dispose of the liquid.

Qty. 25 – 15" x 19" SonicBonded/HeavyWeight pads

Qty. 4 – 3" x 4' Socks

Qty. 2 – 18" x 18" Pillows

Qty. 2 – 30" x 6" x 60" Disposal Bags & Ties

Qty. 1 – Pair of Gloves - Nitrile

Qty. 1 – Safety Goggles

Qty. 6 – 6" x 2" Tamper Proof Labels

Qty. 1 – 3" x 5" Vinyl Spill Kit Label

Qty. 1 – 20 Gallon OverPack w/Screw Top Lid


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